Mirboo North Secondary College Careers

Senior School at Mirboo North Secondary College

Senior School at Mirboo North Secondary College

Students in years 10 - 12 are part of the senior school.

Year 10

At year 10, students will undertake core subjects including English, Maths, Science, Australian History and Careers. Students can choose if they want to accelerate into a VCE subject or take Work Ready.Students also have the option to study German and have a choice of electives in the art, food and sports area.

Year 10 Handbook: http://www.mnsc.vic.edu.au/images/Year_10_Handbook_2018.pdf

Year 11 & 12

Year 11

Mirboo North Secondary College offers students the choice of a VCE or VCAL pathway. Students can also choose to study a VETiS course at a local TAFE institution. All VCAL students undertake a VETiS course.

  • VCE - Year 11 students choose 6 subjects (English is compulsory). If a student has accelerated into a VCE subject in year 10, they have the option to complete the unit 3 & 4 component in year 11. 
  • VCAL - VCAL students complete compulsory units including Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development and Work Related Skills. They also complete a VET course of their choice. Work placement is undertaken one day per week.

Year 12

  • VCE - Year 12 students choose 5 subjects (English is compulsory). Generally students will continue with the subjects they completed in year 11, but students may pick up some unit 3 & 4 subjects without completing unit 1 & 2. Year 12 students will have 5 study periods per week. 
  • VCAL - VCAL students complete compulsory units including Literacy, Personal Development, Life Skills and Enterprise. They continue with a VET course and also complete a work placement one day per week.

Senior School Handbook: